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To-Go specializes in Flexible Packaging, producing sizes from 0.05 oz to 6 oz packets and pouches. We also can produce jars and bottles of various sizes.



Recipe Review

  1. Recipe review. Pre-Product Development work, it gives you access to our PD team to help nail down the recipe & identify pricing before scaling work begins. In this step, our team will work with you as needed to identify ingredients and best pricing.

  2. PA letter. Post-test batch, once the recipe has been finalized, our internal Process Review Authority will complete the FDA-required PA letter, and we will file your recipe with the FDA using this letter.

  • Review process: $150 per recipe

  • Please note that this charge is non-refundable. If you choose not to proceed with production, we will provide you with the PA review letter for the recipe as it stands.


Product Development

Once the review process is complete, we’ll provide you with the cost of Product Development (PD), which can range from $1,500 to $2,500 per recipe. This cost depends on recipe complexity, required testing, and projected annual business.

What is included:

  • Perform PD: Create samples for you to approve

  • Our PD team will collaborate with you throughout this process

  • Up to two smaller versions are included in the PD cost

  • The initial run is usually 80 gallons (10,000 1oz packets), with you present, to finalize the scaled version and work out any final flavor and texture challenges

  • Get final approval on the recipe, and scale-up for a run

  • At this point, final production pricing will be determined.

red sauce.jpeg


Need to get official order from you and schedule initial production. Terms include 50% down on production order, 50% due at shipment when exact final quantities are determined.

Additional costs to consider:​

  • Artwork costs

  • Long-term warehousing (ask for details)

  • Order fulfillment (ask for details)

  • Outbound shipping of your order to you

  • Once the scaled batch is completed and paid for, the final recipe belongs to you

  • We will also finalize your PA letter & file with the FDA.

  • We will then provide you / your label company with an FDA-ready Spec Sheet (ingredient list, nutritional, allergen statement, and weight declaration)

  • We can provide design company referrals if needed for label design

  • We will also create a custom FDA-required Food Safety Plan.

  • Includes 50 cases of your sauce

  • PLUS 10,000 (0.05 to 2 oz) sized portion packs 

  • All with your name, logo, and story on it!

*This price is dependent on the amount of Product Development work that is needed to meet production specifications and does not include ingredient costs.






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