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It is an exciting time once you decide to take your custom sauce to market!  However, there are several steps you need to ensure your recipe is produced at the best cost, FDA compliance, and is perfectly delicious. We will help you source the highest quality and freshest ingredients that are viable to get in bulk and most affordable. Our culinary experts will advise and collaborate to help you create the best tasting sauce. 

  • Perform Product Development (PD): Create samples for you to approve

  • Our PD team will collaborate with you throughout this process

  • Up to two smaller versions are included in the PD cost

  • One larger version is included in the PD cost, not including ingredients (100 gallons) (3000 packs)

  • The initial run is done with you to finalize the scaled version and work out any final flavor and texture challenges

  • Get final approval on the recipe and scale-up for a run

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