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It is an exciting time once you decide to take your custom sauce to the market!

Let us help you control cost, quality, safety, and taste. We can help you with these and more. We can access the best and freshest ingredients for large-scale production and cost-effectiveness. We have culinary experts who can work with you to fine-tune your sauce recipe and make it the best.

  • We offer the following services for research and development (R&D):

  • We create samples for you to review and approve

  • Our Verification Run sets our gold standard for all future production runs

  • We get your final approval on the recipe/formula and scale up for a full production run

  • We are here to support you with our expertise and quality standards. Contact us today at to find out how we can help you with your packaging needs!

a saucepan full of BBQ sauce with a whisk in it
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